Without a doubt, the staff of a company is its backbone. A company can have the best equipment, the best location, the grandest view, but none of that means anything if it doesn't have a great staff. That's why we dedicated a whole section of our website to our staff. These are the people who make all our trips come to life. They work tirelessly to ensure that you're constantly getting the best trip we can offer. They're the ones who will make your trip the spectacular one you'll rush back to tell all your friends about. Not only that, but their unique personalities give all our adventures different flavors. For all these reasons, and hundreds more, we think it's important for you to meet and get to know them as soon as possible. That way when you call us, you can have an image to go with the friendly voice on the other end of the line.

  • rafting

    WV Rafting

    White water rafting in West Virginia on the New River and Gauley River.

  • climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing and rappelling in West Virginia's New River Gorge.

  • caves

    WV Caving

    West Virginia caving tours and trips.

  • teams

    Team Building

    West Virginia team building excercises.