Kayaking offers a change of pace from our other whitewater adventures. Here you get a chance to face the whitewater head on. Not only will we teach you the basics of kayaking, but we'll also begin instructing you on the basics of reading whitewater. You, in effect, become captain of your own ship - deciding on the course you take in every whitewater rapid. As you progress in your training, we'll introduce you to several different situations and new rapids. In no time you'll be paddling major whitewater.

Kayak Instruction

Tailored to your individual experience in a kayak, this course is perfect for the beginner, novice, or expert alike. If you're a beginner, we'll teach you to paddle and roll as well as basic knowledge on reading whitewater. If you're a novice, we'll help you improve your talent and expand your knowledge. And if you're an export in the craft, we'll help you sharpen your skills then introduce you to more difficult whitewater. Our goal is to help you meet your goal of becoming the best kayaker possible.

Beginning Kayaking Special

Our beginer kayaking special is an amazing three day course. We'll provide everything you'll need during your stay to help you learn to paddle a kayak. You're free to concentrate on having fun while safely learning the do's and dont's of kayaking.

Day One - learn to Eskimo roll and how to paddle in flatwater;
Day Two - learn to paddle in moving water and class I to II rapids;
Day Three - increase your skill in paddling whitewater rapids, class I to III.

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