Gauley River

Mile for mile, you'd be hard pressed to find another river that offers so many world-class rapids in one adventure. Rankedas one of the best white water rivers in the world, The Gauley River in West Virginia is the source of our ultimate adventures!

The Gauley River only runs during certain times in late summer and fall, so be sure to plan accordingly. This is one adventure you definitely don't want to miss.

Lower Gauley

Described as a roller coaster of waves, the Lower Gauley River adventure is all about the big hits of major whitewater without the difficulty associated with the Upper Gauley. This adventure is a perfect introduction to rafting the Gauley River for almost everyone.

Whitewater Rafting on the Gauley River

Upper Gauley

The pinnacle of our adventures, the Upper Gauley is sure to leave you breathless from excitement. Towering waves, steep drops, and lots of excitement bring our guests back year after year.

Gauley Marathon

If you are up to the challenge, consider rafting both the Upper and Lower Gauley River in one day. Experience twenty-six miles of whitewater, 103 rapids, and more fun than you can imagine packed into one day.

Gauley Reverse

Spend two days rafting the Gauley River. Warm up on the first day by rafting the Lower Gauley River. On the second day, you'll tackle some major whitewater when you experience our Upper Gauley adventure.

Wet 'n Wild

For those looking for a wilder ride, look no farther than our Wet 'n Wild adventure. Tackle the Upper Gauley in a small raft where all the hits seem that much bigger!


Raft the Upper Gauley on Day One. Camp out that night then raft the Lower Gauley on Day Two.

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