This is your vacation, your time to do anything you want to do. Rather than waste your time on some trip that has you doing things you don't really want to do - why don't you plan your own adventure! That's why we offer you so many choices at Passages. Look through all the activities we offer. Decide on the adventures that would make your trip perfect. Then call us up, tell us what you want, and we'll do our best to make your vision become the adventure you've been wishing for.

Whitewater Rafting

Few things can be as satisfying as a day on the river. Interested in floating lazily down the river, paddling vigorously over a waterfall, or hurling yourself off jump rock? We personalize all our trips to give you the exact experience you're looking for.

Rock Climbing

With our guides' helpful supervision, we'll teach you the basics of rock climbing or expand on the knowledge you already have so you can explore the more than 1600 climbing routes available in the breath-taking New River Gorge.

Ropes Course

Come play on our "jungle gym in the sky." Whether you're crossing our tight wire or flying down our zip line, you're sure to feel like a kid again!


Here's your chance to guide yourself down the river in your own boat. With one-on-one instruction, in no time you'll learn the skills needed to paddle major whitewater.


Scattered throughout WV are many caves, each offering unique, personal challenges. Explore a cave for a completely unique adventure!

  • rafting

    WV Rafting

    White water rafting in West Virginia on the New River and Gauley River.

  • climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing and rappelling in West Virginia's New River Gorge.

  • caves

    WV Caving

    West Virginia caving tours and trips.

  • teams

    Team Building

    West Virginia team building excercises.