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2012 New River Gorge Bridge Day™
Saturday, October 20, 2012
Rappel Guidelines


    1. The Bridge Day Rappel application is to be completed online at www.passagestoadventure.com on or before June 1.
    2. Teams will be assigned a rappel site based on the lottery drawing on Friday, June 15.  You do not have to be present to be selected.
    3. You must be a member of a team.  Individuals will be given the list of teams selected to rappel off the Bridge after the lottery drawing.  The individual can then contact different teams to see if space is available. We do not assign individuals to teams.
    4. Please complete the entire application.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    5. Personal information is required for a background check by law enforcement.
    6. The individual fee is $149 per person.  Applicants not chosen to participate will have their money returned.  There is no refund once the lottery is held on June 15.  The application fee is not transferable. 
    7. The non-refundable team fee is $187.  This amount must be paid by the group leader when he/she completes the application. 
    8. You do not need a paypal account to make payment.
    9. Team members will not be able to sign up before the group leader completes his/her application.
    10. Each team must have twelve to sixteen rappellers. The group leader will be responsible for certifying experience, supervising participation, and disseminating information to the group members.  The applicant and group leader will be contacted if there is a concern with an application.
    11. Each applicant must include a JPEG photo.  No dark glasses, no hat, no bandanna, no scarf, no helmet; just a face photo.  The individual’s name and group’s name must be the file name for the photo.
    12. Each member of the group is expected to be an experienced rappeller, eighteen years or older, who is familiar with the skills, equipment, and rescue techniques associated with rappelling. Each participant must assume personal responsibility for his/her own safety. 
    13. Rappelling can be dangerous!  Each rappeller should be experienced with long rappels. Each applicant must have done at least a 250' free rappel.  Everyone will be required to document their training for this year’s Bridge Day™ Rappel.
    14. Each rappeller chosen to rappel off the Bridge will complete and sign an acceptance of risk and liability waiver releasing all people associated with Bridge Day™ rappelling (i.e., Bridge Day™ Commission, Rappel Coordinator, Safety Team).
    15. Bridge Day™ rappelling is not a training session.
    16. “Speed rappels” are not allowed!  A “speed rappel” will be determined by the safety team.
    17. Figure 8’s, micro racks, and “U” shaped frame racks are not used on Bridge Day™.  Knotted ropes, sandals, Aussie Rappels, upside down rappel, and costume accessories (i.e., antlers) that may interfere with other rappellers are not allowed.
    18. Helmets and gloves are required.
    19. All ropes will be rigged under the Bridge. Two independent anchors will be provided.  Only the approved rigging of a Figure Eight with an Inline Figure Eight will be accepted.  Specific directions regarding the accepted rigging can be found at www.passagestoadventure.com
    20. There will be no coiling or uncoiling of ropes on the catwalk in the morning or once Bridge Day is over.  Ropes must be bagged or the rope can be lowered. 
    21. The catwalk will be supervised and secured on Bridge Day™. A pass will be issued to each rappeller and person authorized to be in the area.
    22. There must be at least two people who know how to bottom belay at the bottom of each Bridge Day™ Rappel rope throughout the day (9 AM – 3 PM). 
    23. NEW NPS requirement!  Anyone at the bottom (i.e., beneath the New River Gorge Bridge near the ropes) must have a pass this year.  The cost is $50 which includes shuttle, breakfast, t shirt, and badge.  The deadline is Monday, October 1. Please fill out the form here to register for the pass. http://bridgedayrappel.wufoo.com/forms/2012-bridge-day-rappel-bottom-pass/
    24. Each group must have at a minimum 4 radios: (1) on the catwalk at the anchor, (2) at the bottom of the rope, and (3) at the North end of the Bridge Saturday morning, then to the South end of the Bridge. The 4th radio must be able to communicate with our Motorola Talk About radios; channel 10, code 6, and should be with the group leader.
    25. Glen Kuehner is the Safety Officer for the 2012 New River Gorge Bridge Day™ Rappel.
    26. Once a group has been chosen to rappel, substitutions and/or additions may be made with the permission of the Rappel Coordinator. New rappellers must pay the $149 fee. The application fee is not transferable. There will be NO substitutions and/or additions made after Monday, August 27.
    27. You are required to check-in for the Bridge Day™ rappel on Friday, October 19, between noon and 6 PM. Information and materials will be given to you at that time. 
    28. There will be a Debriefing beginning at 6 PM.  Group leaders, team members, and safety officers will deal with special needs, gear approval, ascent and/or tandem rappel approval, and rigging questions. 
    29. The orientation meeting will begin at 7:15 PM.  You must be present at the Friday meetings or you will not be allowed to participate on Saturday.
    30. There will be no refund or credit extended if Bridge Day 2012 is cancelled for any reason.
    31. The Bridge Day™ Rappel Coordinator is Benjy Simpson. His decisions are final.
    32. NEW application requirement! There have been issues with the photos in the past years.  We need a head shot rotated upright with your face clearly visible.  No hats, sunglasses or goofy faces.  Please take a photo against a solid background.  No trees or scenery of any kind. 

The 1st step in the Bridge Day™ Rappel application process is to have your photo approved by emailing it to bridgerappel@passagestoadventure.com .  You will receive an email saying approved or disapproved.  You can then complete the Bridge Day™ Rappel application with your approved photo.


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New River Gorge Bridge Day™ Rappel
Post Office Box 71  Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840 bridgerappel@passagestoadventure.com


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